Open a new splendid corrugated metal sheet  for you!  



We only make metallic boxes with temperature and vitality.

South Corrugation Engine can provide the high-end customization service of steel-structure metallic corrugated boxes / houses.

This service bases on steel-structure boxes / houses that are consist of metallic corrugated boards produced from South Corrugation Engine.

With comparison of other assembly construction suppliers and manufacturers, South Corrugation Engine box / house customization service has the following advantages:


Customers can choose and fill in the basic information of boxes / houses by themselves (e.g. dimension, shape, style, material, etc.) according to their preference and conditions. South Corrugation Engine will make the drawings and orders according to the basic info from customers. Every finished box / house is sure to meet customer’s personalized requirements and come to be unique.
South Corrugation Engine has been specialized in manufacturing corrugated products for more than 30 years. It is a professional manufacturer and supplier of metallic corrugated boards in the Pearl River Delta. Different from other box manufacturers who buys boards outsides, South Corrugation Engine fabricate boards for boxes by itself so that it is far more superior than them in the design, material, delivery time, quality control and component transportation of boxes / houses.
Original (patent) board structure and special box frame fixture can give more functions and easy installation for boxes.
South Corrugation Engine insist on applying environmental friendly and non-toxic raw materials in manufacturing boards and boxes, so that volume content of TVOC and formaldehyde can be cut down greatly. Customers’ health will keep first.
Boxes /houses can be equipped with mechanical (motion) devices so that parts of box can move (e.g. box-extending, roof-rising, side-opening, door-sliding, etc.). Mechanization and intelligentization of boxes can meet special application scenes.
South Corrugation Engine provides kinds of assembly solutions. Simplification of assembly processes and application of modular components make customers install boxes / houses by DIY way possibly.
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