Open a new splendid corrugated metal sheet  for you!  



South Corrugation Engine can provide high-end customization service of metallic corrugated boards. With comparison of other board suppliers and manufacturers, South Corrugation Engine has much more rich experience in design and manufacturing of metallic corrugated board. There are some obvious advantages of South Corrugation Engine’s products in quality, price and delivery time. Owing to long-time technology accumulation and practical production, South Corrugation Engine already has numbers of practical innovation patents, that can provide more possibilities for product’s innovation and new material’s applications.


South Corrugation Engine has been specialized in manufacturing corrugated products for more than 30 years. It is a professional manufacturer and supplier of metallic corrugated boards in the Pearl River Delta. Different from other box manufacturers who buys boards outsides, South Corrugation Engine fabricate boards for boxes by itself so that it is far more superior than them in the design, material, delivery time, quality control and component transportation of boxes/houses.




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