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Corrugated stainless steel sheet can be used for wall cladding or roofing and a wide variety of industries. We offer two types of the corrugated or profiled sheets. The original one is around or curve corrugation (sinusoidal)  the profile has been around for a long time since about 1820. Typically these sheet have a pitch of around 76mm (3”) and a height of around 18mm (3/4”). By roll forming the flat sheet the flat sheet the result is a more rigid material that offers strength, wind deflection and corrosion resistance. Typical thicknesses for this profile is 0.5mm (24 swg) and 0.7mm (22 swg). Corrugated stainless steel panels have a wide range of applications, such as corrugated metal sheets for walls, roofing, crafts, etc.

A second option is a box profile or trapezoidal pattern, this material is general reversible to be used as a wall cladding or a roof cladding. Again the roll forming adds rigidity and wind deflection to buildings or tanks, more details of this profile can be found here.  Stainless steel is available in 304 (1.4301) and 316 (1.4404), the 316 option will give a higher resistance to corrosion so anywhere close to the sea or chemicals this could be a better option. For fixing there is a range of options we can supply self drilling screws, self tapping screws and rivets. For industrial insulation where penetration of moisture is an issue stainless steel banding and seals can be used or in combination with screws with EPDM / Neoprene washers or waterproof rivets.

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