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aluminum corrugated composite panel

aluminum corrugated composite panel
South Corrugation Engine
Height of corrugated teeth:
Aluminum plain board 1060H24, 20# galvanized alloy steel board, 201/304 stainless steel boa
Thickness of corrugated sheet material:
Delivery Time:
1-7 working days

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Top one brand

Foshan Shunde Nantian Machinery Co.,Ltd


A) Very light, 30% lighter than normal ACM panels;
(b) Infinite color: solid and metal, brush, wood, stone, light can be reached;
C) High performance, such as aluminum honeycomb panels;
D) Excellent flatness;
E) A2 flame retardant;
(f) Green materials, all recycled;
G) Ease of manufacture;


1.Please check immediately if the goods are damaged or damp in transportation when you receive.elf they get damp,nepenthe packing

cases immediately and dry with natural draft to avoid further corrosion,and contact with sales personnel at first time complement following claims towards the insurance company.

2.Check the storage environment of the panels in stock in time,and do not piles up on the open air or in the leaking or housewares.

3.The goods should be horizontally placed,do not place vertically.The height of the packing boxes should not be over four floors,and the heavier ones should be at the bottom.

4.When taking panels out of the boxes,four comers should be lifted up by at least two persons with gloves on,add foreperson if it is a oversize panel. Lt can't be dragged horizontally, otherwise it may destroy the surface.

5.Please follow the stock control principle of "delivery from the first batchmate make sure all the inventory stay housewares no longer than 6 months.In care of special situation that you have to stay for over 6 months,please check the quality of protective film in time.elf necessary,please contact SCE Team immediately to check whether you need change protective elm in case glue apposition or other phenomenon.

6.Please remove the protective film as soon after being installed the wall exposed in UV for long time,the protective themself atomize and cause difficult in tearing off.SCE Team guarantee the weather resistance of protective film for 6 mouths common outside premature.

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